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        Velocity? Vials

        Pharmaceutical vials protected with Corning’s low-friction external coating

        Pharmaceutical vials protected with Corning’s low-friction external coating

        Conventional glass vials typically have a high coefficient of friction, which can reduce vial flow on pharmaceutical filling lines and lead to interventions, vial jams, tip-overs, and glass breakage. These issues create disruptions and can increase drug filling manufacturing costs.?

        Corning? Velocity? Vials are Type I borosilicate vials with an external low-friction coating that can help improve quality and speed the delivery of lifesaving treatments. Velocity Vials can maximize filling line productivity by increasing efficiency and yield, reducing manufacturing costs and accelerating the delivery of critical pharmaceutical products.

        How can a vial provide a competitive advantage?

        Delivering Value

        Learn how Corning Velocity Vials enabled a significant improvement
        in line efficiency and lowered costs for a major pharmaceutical company.?

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        Solving your primary packaging issues

        Solving your primary packaging issues

        Corning’s sustained investment in research, development, and engineering capabilities means we’re always ready to solve the toughest challenges alongside our customers. We work hand-in-hand with your team to assess the need, identify key opportunities, and align these areas of opportunity to one of our distinct value programs.

        Productivity Increase?
        Get the most out of your existing lines by increasing efficiency and yield.
        Cost Reduction
        Velocity Vials can reduce total cost of ownership by improving fill and finish productivity, lowering API loss, and reducing downtime.
        Quality Improvement
        Thanks to Corning’s patented external vial coating, Velocity Vials can help to reduce?cosmetics defects and lower the risk of drug recall due to glass particle contamination.
        Sustainability Improvement
        Align primary packaging with your broader ESG goals. See how Velocity Vials can reduce your manufacturing emissions.


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        Product Specifications

        Product Specifications

        Working with Corning means working directly with some of the world’s top glass scientists and engineers. Velocity Vials are made with Corning’s high-quality tubing and held to rigid specifications to ensure consistent quality standards.

        In addition to a wide range of ISO standard formats, custom formats are available upon request.?

        Product availability and detailed specifications available upon request.?

        SKU 2R 3R 4R 6R 8R 10R 15R 20R 25R 30R
        Outer Diameter (mm) 16 22 24 30
        Wall Thickness (mm) 1.0 1.2
        Overall Height (mm) 35 40 45 40 45 60 55 65 75
        Inner Diameter (mm) 7 12.6
        Finish (mm) 13 20
        Flange Height (mm) 3.6
        Brimful Capacity (mL) 4 5 6 10 11.5 13.5 19 26 32.5 37.5
        Weight (g) 4.4 5.5 5.7 7.9 8.7 9.5 12 16.2 18.9 21.9