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        A Day Made of Glass FAQs | Glass Technology and Innovations | Corning

        A Day Made of Glass
        [{"faqCategory":"A Day Made of Glass FAQs","faqList":[{"question":"What is the connection between “A Day Made of Glass” and “A Day Made of Glass 2”?","answer":"<p>Both videos share Corning's vision on how glass will help create a more connected, collaborative, and interactive world. The glimpse into the near future that Corning shared with “A Day Made of Glass” is extended with “A Day Made of Glass 2.” By journeying through the same day, with the same characters, “A Day Made of Glass 2” depicts expanded applications and environments for Corning’s specialty glass.<br><br><a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cf7IL_eZ38\" target=\"_blank\">A Day Made of Glass</a></p><p><a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZkHpNnXLB0\" target=\"_blank\">A Day Made of Glass 2</a></p>"},{"question":"Are the technologies shown in the videos possible today?","answer":"To help answer what is possible today, Corning created the “Unpacked” version of “A Day Made of Glass 2.” In the <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-GXO_urMow\" target=\"_blank\">“Unpacked”</a> video, a host revisits scenes from “A Day Made of Glass 2” and takes a few pauses to help further explain the technologies displayed and what is possible.<br><br>Corning is actively engaged in research to further develop the company’s glass innovations into different applications and environments. The company is also collaborating with others to develop the technologies that will make Corning’s vision for the near future become a reality."},{"question":"What is Corning’s role in creating this future?","answer":"Corning creates and makes specialty glasses that serve as keystone components within the final technologies or products shown in the videos. While glass and companion technologies work together to develop the final solutions, glass is the essential material for enabling this future. For example, creating the vivid displays, durable touch surfaces, or instant, real-time communications shown in the videos, each require some form of specialty glass. Learn more about Corning’s <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"/content/corning/worldwide/en/innovation/the-glass-age.html\">innovations in glass.</a>"},{"question":"Are there any opportunities to test or pilot these technologies in my school, home, business, etc.?","answer":"Corning continues to research these technologies and explore ways to make them into a reality for the near future. While pilot programs or testing opportunities for the technologies are not available today, Corning is excited to collaborate and research with others to create a more connected world."},{"question":"Are there shorter versions of the “A Day Made of Glass” videos available?","answer":"Yes. Corning created two special montage-style videos that bring together highlights of the “A Day Made of Glass” series. One clip titled, <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR7wx132REQ\" target=\"_blank\">“A Day Made of Glass Montage,”</a> gives a fast-paced, 90-second snapshot, while the other video, <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfgmlVxLC9w\" target=\"_blank\">“A Day Made of Glass Extended Montage,”</a> shares an expanded, five-minute montage of Corning’s vision for the future."},{"question":"Where can I watch all the “A Day Made of Glass” videos?","answer":"All the videos are available on <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/user/CorningIncorporated/featured\" target=\"_blank\">Corning’s YouTube channel.</a> Find the full list of videos and descriptions <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL363989F7BCF53A36\" target=\"_blank\">here.</a>"},{"question":"How can I request a copy of the “A Day Made of Glass” videos?","answer":"There are high-quality versions of the video available upon request. Please <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"/content/corning/worldwide/en/contact-us.html\">Contact Us</a> to make your request."},{"question":"Are there any resources for teachers sharing the “A Day Made of Glass” videos with their students?","answer":"Yes. Corning collaborated with award-winning curriculum specialists at Young Minds Inspired (YMI) to create a set of <a href=\"http://ymiclassroom.com/lesson-plans/corning/\" target=\"_blank\" adhocenable=\"false\">learning materials around “A Day Made of Glass”</a> for students in grades four to eight. There are also <a href=\"http://ymiclassroom.com/lesson-plans/glass-age/\" target=\"_blank\" adhocenable=\"false\">educational materials on the Glass Age</a> intended for middle and high school students.<br><br>Both programs are designed to supplement science, technology, or engineering studies with activities that help students understand the role of glass in a broad range of applications."},{"question":"What do technology students of today think of Corning’s vision for the future of glass technologies?","answer":"Watch a short video on how a small group of high school students in California, with a focus on technology, reacted to Corning’s “A Day Made of Glass” video series. Corning asked these students what they thought of glass and the future of technology. See how <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phH2TdCyWbs\" target=\"_blank\">their perceptions</a> expanded after watching the videos."},{"question":"Where can I learn more about Corning’s specialty glass and other innovations?","answer":"Please visit <a adhocenable=\"false\" href=\"/content/corning/worldwide/en/innovation/the-glass-age.html\">the Glass Age</a> to learn more about the future of glass technologies."},{"question":"If I have further questions, who do I contact?","answer":"Email us at&nbsp;<a href=\"mailto:ADayMadeOfGlass@corning.com?Subject=A%20Day%20Made%20of%20Glass%20Inquiry\">ADayMadeOfGlass@corning.com.</a>"}],"resourcePath":"/worldwide/en/innovation/a-day-made-of-glass.html"}]