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        Corning veterans




        Facilities Engineer, Hickory, NC

        Rod Bell has woven 25 years of service in the Army Reserves into a life of impressive accomplishments. While also working in the private sector, he built an impressive resume of building project manager roles with the Army – including the national World War II Memorial and the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington D.C.

        Now a facilities engineer at Corning’s Wilmington location, Rod still feels close to his veteran identity. In fact, he uses it every day when he comes to work.

        "My military experience taught me how to manage people. I learned how to handle different situations, network, and always continue to work on your craft," Rod says.

        A Corning employee since 2017, Rod’s community participation has been supported by the company through C-VETS, Corning’s employee resource group for veterans, and Dollars for Doers, a Corning Incorporated Foundation’s program that grants nonprofits with funds per employee volunteer hours.?