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        Kristen Venditti | Hickory, NC Internship Program | Corning

        Kristen Venditti

        Kristen Venditti

        Kristen Venditti

        “I liked that it is a very multi-national company, so I applied”?

        Though she’s a native of Buffalo, N.Y., Kristen has lived in Charlotte, N.C., for eight years. The current junior at UNC Charlotte studies mechanical engineering with a concentration in energy. UNC is where Kristen first heard of Corning Incorporated for an internship.

        “I liked that it is a very multi-national company, so I applied,” said Kristen, who is quite the traveler, already having visited 38 countries so far.

        At the Corning plant in Hickory, Kristen spent the summer of 2014 designing a gauge to measure tip and die spacing. She also conducted experiments to increase line speeds, thus increasing production.

        Corning’s culture and her coworkers made Kristen’s internship a rewarding one.?

        To continue with her traveling theme, she’d like to work in engineering and management in different countries upon graduation.